Road Access Matting Product & Service Solutions.

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Road Access Matting Products & Handling Systems

Quick Mats provides full service road access matting sales and handling systems for Alberta and Saskatchewan’s construction, forestry, and energy industries. With over 40 years of combined experience we understand the challenges related to our client’s projects and work with them to provide solutions that deliver low impact and minimal disturbance to the project site.

Quick Mats motto is, “Big enough to supply. Small enough to care.” We take pride in being environmentally conscious and creative. Our vast equipment lineup allows us to deliver smarter, more cost effective solutions. We look forward to helping you, from project concept, to procurement, transportation, installation, removal and site clean-up. With the ability to electronically ID our products, we are able to manage product flow and usage, helping customers to manage their costs more efficiently. If you are looking for a top notch customer experience, proper project planning and execution, give us a call today.


Fir Mat Products

Access Mats

Access mats are typically used for building temporary road paths and work site areas. They work well for heavy load demands and are an excellent option for roadways and stable platforms. Lightweight and highly maneuverable, access mats are certainly environmentally friendly and ideal for temporary use.


Rig Mat Product

Rig Mats

Rig mats are a state-of-the-art solution for professionals in the oilfield, construction and forestry industries. They are crafted with quality in mind and are performance tested in the most rugged terrains. Rig mats are a top-of-the-line industry solution for the safety and stability at your project sites.


Timber Mats Product

Timber Mats

Timber mats are available in hardwood mixed, solid oak, fir or pine and durable enough to stabilize most track equipment. Our new and used timber mats can be notched to expose bolts or can be used with cables to make lifting easy. Timber mats, also known as Crane mats vary in length from 8’ to 40’.



Utility Crossing Services

Utility Access / Crossings

Delivering utility access or crossing services requires a series of specialized products. Access mats provide versatility and efficiency for your light duty access requirements, while timber or dirt crossings satisfy those heavy-duty extreme-crossing requirements. If you require sensitive crossing requirements we have rig mat or air gap crossing product solutions.


Traffic Control Services

Traffic Control

Traffic accommodation resources are an essential component of our client projects. Our personnel is certified by the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) in Alberta Traffic Control and equipped with a wide variety of construction signing inventory. Our resources are available 24 hours a day when required, and committed to the safety of the job site and public traffic.


Project Management Services

Project Management

Full service project management services that help deliver our client projects on time and budget. We have the experience to deliver pre-job site assessments including risk management and budgetary estimates, resource estimates and assignments, onsite and active supervision, cost management and reporting, and full safety documentation and reporting packages.



Ground Disturbance Services

All-Terrain Skid Steers

Our fleet of all terrain skid steer equipment offers specialized attachments designed to handle access mats in the most sensitive manner. This helps to ensure zero impact to the work area surroundings. We also offer a pre-job assessment process that ensures the right equipment is assigned to the job – large or small – to deliver the best results.

Wheeled Loader Equipment

Wheeled Loaders

Our vast selection of loader sizes allows us to apply the proper equipment to the application. For tight sensitive work areas we offer compact wheeled loaders that deliver minimal ground disturbance. Other job sites require smaller, cost effective solutions perfect for our all terrain skid steers. We also provide matting loaders for the Right Of Way (R.O.W.) paths, and bulk loaders for the large volume truck loading and unloading staging sites. Floater Loaders are ideal for the All-Terrain Extreme Applications such as Rig Move support with 8×40 rig mats.

Excavator Equipment


Our Tracked Excavators enhance our job site performance on large pad sites, winter removal and stack out or cleaning operations.

Big Enough To Supply. Small Enough To Care.

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