Road Access Mat Solutions Aerial Access

Featured Project

We provide road access mat solutions that get customers to their job site, safely. In this project, we pre-scouted and measured the job site, and calculated the quantity of mats required to reach the dig site. We also performed a risk assessment to ensure an incident free assembly and created a costing budget for client approval. Once approved, we coordinated the delivery of equipment & mats to the site by Quick Mats personnel. Our team then unloaded, shuttled and built the access path for the client.

Road Access Mat Solutions Skid Steer Minimal Disturbance

Featured Project

Our specialized equipment design creates a unique ability to work within sensitive ground disturbance areas. On this project we built light access paths into Geotech drill sites that were part of the design phase of the power line project.

Road Access Mat Solutions Pipeline Crossing

Featured Project

Quick Mats delivered & assembled pipeline crossing ramps for Pile Drive Access on a pipeline design project. Crews worked with the Engineering company rep & pipeline facility owners to plot, deliver and place crossings in time for drill units to move into site. This provided effective pipeline crossing protection throughout each season for worksite access.

Road Access Mat Solutions Transformer Access

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We provide safe and effective access to utility equipment. In this project we assessed and delivered matting products required to build access across a wet ditch. This was done in order for crews to perform maintenance on transformer infrastructure at the work site.

Road Access Mat Solutions Traffic Control

Featured Project

Traffic Control personnel and equipment helped manage traffic for utility crews requiring access to a hillside power pole in west central Alberta. Certified, experienced Traffic Control Technicians were onsite throughout the project to manage the public roadways. This allowed utility crews the opportunity to perform their job safely.

Wheel Loaders

Featured Project

Floater Loaders come with experienced, certified operators and provide support to drilling rig move operations. They will get the job done. Each comes fully equipped with 2 way radios, back up cameras and aggressive floatation tires.

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