Access Mats

Access mats are typically used for building temporary road paths & work site areas. These mats work well for heavy load demands and provide an excellent environmentally friendly option for roadways and stable platforms. They are lightweight and highly maneuverable, making them ideal for temporary use.

Quick Mats provides rentals and sales of both new and used access mats. Each is available in Douglas fir, oak and hybrid materials.

Construction Styles:

Board patterns:

  • 12-22-11 (8’x14’) Solid Tops.
  • 11-21-11 (8’x14’) Standard.

Trucking Capacity:

  • Determined by weight & wheels.

Product Weight:

  • Determined by condition and species.

Cleaning Services:

  • Level I, Rough Clean: Utilizes hand tools to remove all soil and vegetation debris attached to the equipment.
  • Level II, Fine Clean: Utilizes a pressure washer or compressed air to remove debris that cannot be removed by a rough clean.
  • Level III, Disinfection: Utilizes a 2% bleach solution to disinfect the mat.